Sell or Pawn?

Sell or pawn, which option is right for you?

Selling or Pawning (a loan) each have their own advantages.  Selling is one-time transaction that gets you cash instantly with no strings attached.  Pawning (a loan) lets you use the value, also instantly of an item as collateral against a loan.  Note: The pawn (loan) lets you get your item back if and when you meet the terms of the agreement.

Here is a guide to determining which option is best for you:

Selling is a one-time fast transaction if you have no attachment or need for your item, consider selling it instead of pawning.  Selling is a pretty straightforward transaction.  In exchange for money you give up ownership.  The item is in full control of County Line Pawn LLC to do with as it wants.  Selling frees up space and gives you fast cash without having to make monthly payments.

Pawning is a secured loan.  Pawning a valuable item is a great option if you need money quick but don’t want to lose ownership of the item.  Pawning works as follows:

  1. You bring in the item you wish to use as collateral against a loan.
  2. County Line Pawn LLC will assign a loan value to the item and draw up a loan agreement with you.
  3. You repay the loan amount plus interest for the safekeeping of your item over time.
  4. Once you’ve repaid the terms of the loan, you will get your collateral (item) back.

You can sell or pawn almost anything of value such as:

To pawn or sell you must be at least 18 years of age, have a current valid ID and be the legal owner of the item.

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