About Us

County Line Pawn LLC is a family owned and operated pawn shop located in Port Charlotte, Florida on the Charlotte and Sarasota counties line. We pride ourselves on superior service to our customers, offering them competitive prices for their items.  Our staff is dedicated to dealing honestly and fairly with each of our customers while striving for confidential and courteous service.

We buy, sell and loan on jewelry, guns, antiques and collectables.  You can find an assortment of tools (both hand & power), electronics, instruments, military, toys, household items and coins.

If you are interested in Selling your old, broken or unwanted jewelry, guns, antiques and collectables come see us to get the most money possible for your items from a business that you can trust.

Pawn shop customers come from all walks of life.  Anyone who needs quick cash, as a result of unexpected bills or unforeseen financial issues, are potential customers.  The fees associated with Pawning are substantially less costly than the alternatives of overdraft or late fees.  The best part of getting a pawn loan is instant cash with no credit check.  Pawn loans are based on the value of the collateral that you pledge and not your past credit history.

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